Thread: THIEF - THE CARTOON ("Rent's Due") - Watch & Enjoy!

THIEF - THE CARTOON ("Rent's Due") - Watch & Enjoy!

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    indeed :P

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    just another small update: the movie has now passed the 5 minute mark so i can call this a short film

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    Hooray for the 5 minutes!

    I bet when this is finished it will be displayed fullscreen on a beamer in the EM headquarters.
    And it will enlighten all the taffers who see it.
    Including Mario.

    ...Right René?
    Hello EM!
    *akward silence*

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    I have now finished the water arrow shots and am now moving onto the blackjack scene. after that ill send the movie to a few ppl.

    here's the beginning of the blackjack scene with the guard noticing the torch going out:

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    He looks shifty..I like it


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    I'd love to see it if you're sending some out... red sticks need a good blackjack.

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    sorry but i only want to send it too the 3 people who have been here from the start and have also made major contributions to the project.

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    Haven't checked up on this since the start pretty much, but how's development going? Percent done? Release date?
    But I'm right.

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    in terms of the last time u posted ive done quite a bit but at the moment i havent worked on it for a week. partly because im lazy and partly because im working on a live action movie project. i rekon its about around 60% done, definitely no release date to announce yet, ill do that when im around 90-95% done so i can be sure i can make it on time.

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    i did a little more today, you can see how the scene will pan out and how ive used the thief cinematics as reference. this will probably be the most "thiefy" part of the movie with the water arrows and blacking n all.

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    What's not "Thiefy" about picking a lock, and cutting someone else's purse? I think you're doing pretty good at showing what Thief is all about!
    Hello EM!
    *akward silence*

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    Albi what I've seen so far is great.
    Do it at your pace when you're inspired, it'll be better than rushing it just to finish.
    But you know this anyway.

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    Im happy to say ive finally finished the water arrow and blackjack sequence. the movie is now 70% done.

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    With the intro passage text at the start should it be:

    the chaos of
    the Beast"


    the chaos of
    the Trickster"

    keep in mind there will be non thief players watching this.

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    The Trickster is a common idea, I'd go with that.

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    the trickster is associated with pagans though, not criminals right? the beast is more in reference to crime, violence, etc.. i think. if im wrong just tell me.

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    The Beast usually means the Christian devil as does thr Trickster, but the trickster is also Pan, the god of the woods and not just Christian.

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    to ensure that people unfamiliar with thief understand and to not cause any confusion ill stick to the beast. thievery doesnt sound like something the trickster is involved in.

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    In Thief, the Hammers do associate the Trickster with Thieves, but the unfamiliar wouldn't know that. So, I take it there are no plans for a sequel?

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    The trickster is another name for Loki, who in the mind of anyone who knows him is very much a thief.
    But anything is cool, and it's always best to go with what you're most comfortable with.

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    yeh i think ill stick with beast for the non thieves. lol im not planning on a sequel no, im going to do something independent (meaning a story i make up not one that is taken from somwhere). and thats if i cbf doing another animation.

    edit: on another note have a look at my newgrounds page. im setting it up for the release of thief lol.

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    I like the banner you made :P
    Hello EM!
    *akward silence*

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    ok now i have finally moved onto the next scene, not long until the chase/action sequence :S

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    And once again you provide us with an odd looking image that only makes sense in the movie itself.
    I like the glow-ish window!
    Actually I like the whole picture but the window catches my eye.
    Hello EM!
    *akward silence*

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    i wouldnt call it an odd picture. it looks pretty self explanatory to me lol. hes just jumping from one side to the other thats all.

    yeh i like the glowing windows, reminds me of the thief cinematics n stuff. id better make sure i dont overuse them though

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