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Thread: Time trial

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    Time trial

    Hi, my name is justin

    and a have a question about time trial.
    the last level in bolivia you just have 5 min to kill that beast that amanda creates. but that is really impossible can somebody give my some really good advice.


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    Hey there!

    It isn't easy, but it is possible!

    Check this thread for Legend Boss Battle Strategies:

    I hope it will help you. Don't give up, keep trying!
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    Well, you have to be very quick to avoid his attacks. What is more, try to be close to the enemy. When it falls down do not waste time to hit him with the sword. The faster you do it the less energy it regenerates.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks I i think that i just need to keep trying till i got it with a little bit help of some cheats

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    I agree with chriss

    I was finding it quite annoying but i decided to stay as close as possible to it.

    By doing that i wasted no time running over to stab it, it could do it in a matter of milliseconds, and done it first try that way
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    i was like running around all the time... was quite easy that way...

    (BTW, yay, my thousand' post! )

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    use the cheats, the bullet proof cheat and the one shot kills (to kill the mercenaries to have more time to defeat amanda), i was able to beat in in almost 3 minutes , you also have to make sure you stay as close too the entity as possible to get good aim

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    That is the hardest one of the trials in the game but is manageable just.

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