Thread: Which Platform?

Which Platform?

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    Which Platform?

    Hey guys im here to ask in which platform you guys going to try the demo?

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    360 or if i had a ps3 both

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    PS3 and pc if I can get a version of steam that works with 7 64 bit
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    360 i guess

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    Noob question.I think people will play demo at platforms they have.
    PS3 version of the game need the ability to play your own music.Just imagine-you drive hundreds of miles on a car without any music and the only sound you hear is the engine.

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    Pc and xbox 360 still undecided (not sure i like the idea of playing this with a keyboard and mouse)

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    PS3!!!! (are we able to record demo already?)
    26.03.10 is an epic day!

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    PS3 (what now 360ers with no video record)

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    Originally Posted by gandenkris
    ps3 (what now 360ers with no video record)
    yer >=)
    26.03.10 is an epic day!

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    xbox and ps3,so i compare the two.

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    Originally Posted by gandenkris
    PS3 (what now 360ers with no video record)
    PC - Video recording, Screenshots, Better Graphics, Mouse and Keyboard, Modding, Higher Res, playing across 3 24" monitors, What now consolers with your fixed hardware.

    P.S not trying to start flame war just poking fun at this guy
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    ps3 ftw...
    26.03.10 is an epic day!

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    i hardly say console is fixed, just look at the graphics in HEAVY RAIN, youd need a extremely expensive cmputer to pull those gfx off, the ps3 is remarkable, pc gamers underestimate it

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    Ps3 is on the lead!
    26.03.10 is an epic day!

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