Thread: Very Good Gamesradar Preview

Very Good Gamesradar Preview

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    Very Good Gamesradar Preview

    Well I was just on and saw this preview.

    Really really great words from the guys at Gamesradar.

    Not sure if you guys have seen it... if you have I'll just delete it.

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    another website saying jc2 could be the funnest game they had ever

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    i know right......... even if review scores arent all 9+ and stuff i think everyone will agree that its an amazingly fun game

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    helll YEA! avalanche and edios have pulled this one off by the looks of things
    "Me want just cause 2" says the caveman

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    but were probably going to enjoy it more as regular people considering wre not game critics and just look to have fun.

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    Two things I learned...

    1. Easy is another name for god mode...

    2. I wish my forum name was CreeplyTuna...
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    Detachable miniguns, then you dual wield it with a grenade launcher and then, I hope not to break my tv from the excitement. thats gonna be huge
    Is that an exploding gas canister or popcorn?