Thread: DLC suggestion: "Faction Wars"

DLC suggestion: "Faction Wars"

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    DLC suggestion: "Faction Wars"

    Although it may be early, it would be a good idea to begin working on DLC. Some people have suggested some DLC already but I am going to suggest this. You know how the factions never actually fight? Sometimes you find another faction in a certain faction's territory but that's it. Nothing more. Well I suggest in the "no man's land" between the territories that there are skirmishes between the factions in an attempt (albeit futile) to expand their operations. Also note how even after an area of the island is captured, there are still police and soldiers, mostly undisturbed? I'd also suggest skirmishes between those groups too, like an assault on a military base. The previous two ideas are shaky though and probably wouldn't be added but here is a good one: when you destroy a Panauan destructible (those that add to an area's completion percentage), it will eventually be reconstructed as owned by the faction that controls the region and become indestructible. This, of course, would only take place if 100% completion is obtained and a location is occupied by a faction. This brings me to the next one in that if someone reaches 100% completion in a area, the faction will completely take-over that area (in the demo if you got 100% in a military base, no more soldiers spawned in it so this is a take-off of this). If there is no faction, destroyed items and 100% areas will remain empty until a faction is added. I am aware that there are settlements in the "no man's land" but this can be left to the developers to figure out. More faction missions would also be added. These faction missions would primarily involve striking-out at a rival faction (only one mission in the vanilla directly involves two factions clashing, the mission with the witness of the Roach nephew). Of course no land would be gained or lost but it would still help give more money and chaos, along with happier factions.

    Addition: Militarization of the factions (they actually use helicopters outside of missions).

    Tell me what you think guys and hopefully someone in Eidos sees this. Discussion and additions to the topic below.
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    this would add some nice touches to the game, but the added missions and factions taking over 100% complete villages/bases/regions is not enough for a whole DLC.
    add in some different types of challenges and your good, maybe vehicles or weapons, and your good.

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    Originally Posted by Cycieties
    I could see this going somewhere, it of course needs more then just "Factions" fighting against each other, what are you wanting to see in the "content" area of the DLC, any more missions that further them to fight, what?

    It is good to get what you have ideas about, as this seemes that it can go somewhere, but the current way it is I wouldn't pay a dime, all it would do is make you choose between a faction, or you could potentially be found out that you work for all the factions, as they would probably be tempted to call you in for backup, and then you'd have to choose, be loyal, but be found out, or?
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    These are just starting ideas btw. A good idea is contributed to. Of course there can be more content than I stated.

    I'd sure as heck love to be able to drive the vehicles from the original Just Cause.
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    Well, good luck, I'll be watching this topic, be sure to get it organized, what you want, and such like that.
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    It's late for me (I should really go to bed) but I absolutely needed to put this on the forums at least before I forgot. The factions fighting each other would definitely make for good DLC as long as there became enough content for that to happen.

    Btw I heard a rumor that Just Cause 2 had over 100 faction missions. Guess that was wrong...
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    Originally Posted by Cycieties
    Btw I heard a rumor that Just Cause 2 had over 100 faction missions. Guess that was wrong...
    There's 49, I think.
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    Im all for this if they could add a notoriety meter for the gangs and this should only happen after you beat the game so whichever gang you chose endgame should be the one you start out with so its not wasted feature.

    First day i played i was in the capital city and i saw a ular buggie killing military men and then not to far off in an approaching roach truck and im thinking "OH YEAH BABY ITS ABOUT TO ME ON! but no! They helped each other out and killed all the militants.

    These guys arn't factions they're gangs!

    Gangsters dont like other gangsters from diffrent sets! and why the hell do i spot ulars in reapers turf or viceversa with each gang trespassin on the others land.

    That right there would set me off if i was bolow santoesi or that monkey guy.

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    Still I miss how things were in the original Just Cause in regards to who owns what.
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    That's a good idea, hope the devs take notice

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    i would dislike having to pick a faction, but missions focusing on faction conflict would be a nice detail, or missions that are unlocked in mercenary mode, ones that detail what happens after the story missions.
    plot: while a friendly US president is being "elected", Rico must keep the Ular and Reapers occupied.
    ideas for faction conflict(that don't involve out right war or choice)
    Ular boy disrupt roach drug trade.
    Roaches assassinate Ular controlled politician.
    Reapers hack into Roaches computer in stronghold to get locations of corrupt officers.
    Ular cut power to Reaper territory.
    Ular take down Roaches drug plane
    Reapers kill Ular officer.
    Roaches destroy Reaper armored car
    Roaches kill witness reapers have
    Reapers use Ular hacking attempt to feed Ulars false info.
    (an assault on a stronghold would be like open war, it would fit the game better and make it harder for the other factions to know your not playing them against each other, thus limiting it to espionage type stuff)

    Building upon the factions claiming 100% villages/bases in there area, only areas around the stronghold would be rebuilt and owned by the faction, example, only the Panua city Park district would be rebuilt and taken over by the Roaches, aka, water towers and gas stations would be rebuilt but with the Roaches color, trailers and statues would not be built, and Roach gang members and vehicles would replace the miltary. as faction influence increases, so does the amount of taken over areas.
    key areas might also be taken over, for example, the military flood gates and panua airport in the Roaches Ramai Rakyat island region.
    if replayble missions are ever added, for that mission, the taken over area will become military controlled for the remainder of the mission.

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    Very good idea. I hope their DLC is a struggle between factions for control of a powerful island facility.
    This leads to more story missions! Find the three leaders of the three different factions and chase them down. One leader has been overrun by another faction member who you hunt and kill giving power back to the previous leader. One has given up on their cause and you do a few missions to make it easier for that leader to come back and give him/her the motivation to take back his/her spot. And another has gone corrupt with power and is after the entire islands resources.

    Or. (This would be for a DLC and also to fix the money problem.)

    Introduce a new 'rich' faction who you can work for in return for a crap load of money and/or free items/vehicles. Its strictly under the agency radar but they could find out and put up a fight. Their cause is unjust and full of corruption but its a moral choice you take (Not a very good one haha).
    Destroy for money? or Revert back to the agency for the warm fuzzy feeling. (Maybe even money haha)
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    Well in any case, future DLC should definitely involve the factions in some sort. I have a feeling Eidos is probably already working on some sort of DLC a patch.
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