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    There is always a solution

    Well NVIDIA recently release some drivers that make a dramatic increase in frames but also makes some games crash and run very bad. If you have a factory overclocked card turn down gpu to normal...
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    Legend Crash

    You don't need a fix. It's your drivers. I had the same problem with other games. NVIDIA's latest drivers cause game to crash due to a dramatic frame increase. Typical of them not to fix it but...
  3. Driver Problem

    What you are having trouble with is your drivers. ATI and NVIDIA are on the same page right now. Their latest drivers make a performance increase causing other problems. Typical of them. You have...
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    Strange Problem

    First of all go to your Tomb Raider Legend setup under all programs, eidos and turn everything on absolute low and turn off next gen and v sync. If that doesn't work try windows compatibility tab...
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    Vista Problem

    I play on vista all the time and have no problems. So I can help you. But first I need to know what kind of graphics card you are running. Like nvidia or ati and what series (9600gt or 4850) etc. ...
  6. What Tomb Raider needs in order to continue as one of the Greatest Franchises

    This is the very first time I have ever posted a forum in my life. Most of the time I just read them. I have been following the Tomb Raider franchise for many years and its had it's ups and downs. ...
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