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    Sticky: Horrible problem

    I have the newest steam version.
    When I try to run the game, steam loads it up, and then nothing happens. When I load up the task manager, it is not listed under applications, but...
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    Sticky: Um...

    The announcement of a sequel is really only bad news for us. That means they have another big thing they will be spending time on, and it means most improvements will be put into the new game,...
  3. I think they are too busy swimming in their giant...

    I think they are too busy swimming in their giant pool of money from the 360 version to write a proper PC patch. I mean, they might have to think, or... god forbid... fix their broken code and give...
  4. I also have the screensaver/powersaver option....

    I also have the screensaver/powersaver option. This is annoying, and it should be very easy to fix. If they can't figure it out, then they shouldn't even be changing those settings in the first...
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    I have the steam version, which has also not been updated. Steam's support forums sends me to this support forum. AND I CAN'T PLAY ONLINE BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT SENT THE PATCH TO STEAM YET. It is one...
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