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  1. A Well Deserved Thank You to the makers of this game.

    I know that the endings of this game are receiving some slack, its a mixed bag of reviews, some good.. some bad.

    But instead of ranting, writing alternate fan fictions to try and please myself, or...
  2. Will Max be Saved in the Dark Room or be left to Save herself?

    I watched this theory video.. what do you guys think?

    Who are your main contenders for saving Max? here are mine..

    1. Nathan Prescott
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    Nathans Other Side

    Nathan has become from one of the most hated to one of the most loved/ misunderstood characters in this game.
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    The Metamorphosis of Chloe Price
  5. This scene screwed me up.. We have to fix this.....

    This scene screwed me up.. We have to fix this.. we basically screw up Chloe's life by mucking with the timeline.. William needs to stay dead, for his daughters sake.
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