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  1. Backwards Roll of Invincibility

    If you're on a high ledge and you want to get down quickly, simply follow these simple steps:
    1. Turn your back to the edge
    2. Get the right distance away from the edge; it needs to be the...
  2. Falling Under the Mediterranean Sea

    On Amanda's Boat at the part where you enter the interior, you need to slowly head into the left arch. If you travel far enough, the door will close, so run through it outside. If you succeed, the...
  3. Tomb Raider Underworld Glitches - Cool Ones Though!

    Use this thread to share cool and funny glitches.
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    Sorry, I can't help you the proper way... but I...

    Sorry, I can't help you the proper way... but I know a glitch that can: You have to turn your back against the edge, lock your guns and look down to the floor. You need to get in the right position...
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    I remember when I was playing Level 21: City of...

    I remember when I was playing Level 21: City of the Dead, and I equipped then unequipped my guns - Lara's left arm was still in the "holding a gun" position, without actually holding a gun. I know...
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    Why Lara No Scream?

    I have to admit: I enjoy throwing Lara off cliffs and into chasms. But as I entered St. Francis Folly for the first time, her scream disappeared; I'm now in Natla's Mines and it still hasn't...
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    Sticky: Poll: My favourite is Tomb Raider Underworld

    Okay, so despite the game threatening bugs, there are some really cool ones like God of Thunder: Falling Under the Mediterranean Sea (where the water from the massive boat disappears). It has...
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