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    MISC. nothing more easy , there is the noscam recording...

    nothing more easy , there is the noscam recording every match .
    if there was a cheater save it and send it as a proov to the devs
  2. client improvements to watch streams/guides over the client

    new players get grouped ip with veterans so i think there should be better instructions for them

    different video guides should be listed in the client , without searching the forums aswell as...
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    ok time for some feedback dont like teamplit...

    ok time for some feedback

    dont like teamplit !!! but cant wait to play sige mod again XD

    play it a month now, but getting split up with a friend you have ,because someone leave in the other...
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    AUDIO/MUSIC weapon and granade sounds not work in online match after playing tutorial

    played the tutorial to test something out after that my sounds ingame not worked no shooting shounds. had to restart the game
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    USER INTERFACE alternative crosshairs

    i think we should get alternative crosshairs to choose from , and the ability to change color.

    only a small change without much affort which would be nice imo
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    or a randomly flying vampire which is hard to hit...

    or a randomly flying vampire which is hard to hit as a minigame how much damage you can do in 15 seconds with every weapon with a personal record you want to beat when you play it again. or how many...
  7. idea about crafting (dead vampires could drop rarly an orb)

    after playing a while path of excile a longer time ago , i got fascinated how addictive the game was because of the crafting system + hardcore setting. there was no gold but orbs which counted as...
  8. flc finishing moves not work after patch today m + game not support special signs

    as i already told

    dlc finishers not work anymore after patch and special signs in your steam name not get shown ingame
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    How about bats and crows as a moving target? ...

    How about bats and crows as a moving target?

    good idea XD
  10. ranked games lvl 40 + only and no lvl cap

    think the game could get ranked matchs for lvl 40 + guys
    normal stats should only show won lost matches
    and ranked stats , where everything is balanced should go deeper with damage accuracy and...
  11. more objects flying arround (destoyable things ragdoll objects) and performence

    think the maps look really nice grafic wise , but they could get more props flying arround with ragdoll when you throw a granate and stuff like that , more birds

    maybe a market stall and some...
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    shooting range to test out weapons

    the game loadout had such a shooting range and i really liked it , so you can test out weapons, there kick with different perks and and stuff like this...
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    Nosgoth Voice chat

    as annoying voice chat can be in some games like cod and co which is played by annoying kids abusing the voice chat

    i think it is important in a teamgame like nosgoth to have it !! so you can tell...
  14. Nosgoth compatible for Nvida 3 vision ?

    just thought about buying this gaming monitor which have
    -1 ms reaction time
    -2560*1440 res
    144 hz 3d,48352,252073,1547142.html...
  15. the reaver dlc finishing move could be a bit overworked

    i bought the alternative finishing moves a nice idea i had to support good job !! anyways i think the reaver finishing move looks wired because there is no gore the arms just go through the human...
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    Official Nosgoth Teamspeak

    woundering if there is an official nosgoth teamspeak, where new players and veterans from the game can meet up build teams and play vs each other and trade there misterious items.

    if there is a...
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