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    JC3 multiple problems on Xbox One

    I have long been a fan of Square Enix games, but I'm really disappointed with JC3. I have an Xbox One console (with 1TB drive). The problems I'm experiencing ONLY happen with this game:
    * Wireless...
  2. Just an update to the original post - I spent TWO...

    Just an update to the original post - I spent TWO HOURS on chat with Microsoft support. They determined after dozens of troubleshooting steps, that it IS NOT A PROBLEM WITH THE HARDWARE. I am very...
  3. Latest xbox 360 patch disables map controls!!!

    I love the storyline, but I keep having issues with graphic freezes, etc. I just had an unexpected update download when opening the game 3/29/16. After that, the map controls are frozen. The map...
  4. Game is consistenly hanging after adding "Yaya Babba"

    Hello all,
    I apologize if this has already been covered - I tried to search and didn't find a similar thread. I have an Xbox 360 with a 500GB HD (Microsoft - 1/2 full). I purchased and downloaded...
  5. Question about buying additional areas

    Hello all:
    I have this game for Xbox 360 and completed the game in the easiest mode. I see that there are additional areas available for purchase. However, the "in game" purchases are locked out. ...
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