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    remote synch status :ERROR:

    just installed this, and keep getting errors when i try and test my connection for the cloud saves.
    would love to be able to use cloud saves for the game i purchased, I hope i don't have to buy the...
  2. {Dissidia NT Pc Steam} Need to tell square about rampant cheating

    So day one Dissidia Nt free edition was out for pc on steam, we have had rampant cheating. Instant Knock out bravery attacks, imortality 9999 hp, 9999 bravery that never goes down.

    It's bad down...
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    Unable to login to TriadWars beta client

    So i Signed up for the Triadwars closed beta. I have a square enix Na account and i think a general square enix account. They should both be linked.

    But when i try and login to the TriadWars...
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    ok, first off i love this game. when i had my...

    ok, first off i love this game. when i had my first job i bought this title even before i bought the ps1.
    I bought this so i could relive the game i loved from my teen years.

    the problem, half...
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