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    Chapter 7 Environmental Exploits

    The challenge says to use 3 but I have only found 2. 1 Above the freaks on the bridge and 1 crate right near where you climb up to go into the rotunda. Has anyone found the 3rd?
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    Jeb Chokes' Schissors

    This is listed as a common loot item in the Prima Guide however the loot counter doesn't increase. Is this a game bug or an error in the prima guide?
  3. Thieving Challenges Chapter 1 Lockdown

    Has anyone been able to find a 4th broadhead arrow on Master difficulty in Lockdown for the Thieving Challenge to get 4 headshots. So far I have only found 3. One near the guard working over a...
  4. When you first encounter the two patrolling...

    When you first encounter the two patrolling guards (who scare the citizen back into his house) there is a ring at the end of the street near where one of them stands. If you time it right you can get...
  5. Thread: Rank Reset

    by DaGawdfadda

    Rank Reset

    All my individual level ranks have reset to Agent despite my overall scores being SA/Shadow/Pro ("chapter" dependant) for the whole "chapter". High scores are all there but when I go into Level...
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    Even for codes some are not findable. For example...

    Even for codes some are not findable. For example in Detroit the doors leading to Tindalls, Omalleys and the storage locker east of the Sarif building. For Tindalls and Omalleys its not an issue...
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    I bought the guide and it lists all the passwords...

    I bought the guide and it lists all the passwords (strangly enough it also indicates that some doors dont have passcodes and must be hacked but they do) and I believe thats where the page comes from....
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    Someone said it might be in an apartment but...

    Someone said it might be in an apartment but after searching them a couple times Im almost ready to give up. The only apartment that I havent searched is the one that is initially locked to you but...
  9. Captain Penns Terminal Password

    So there is a rumor that Captain Penn's password is hidden behind a bookshelf. Its not on a pocket secretary as there is no text in the game files for this so it has to be a note similar to the...
  10. Thanks Avlandre, That kinda sucks that they...

    Thanks Avlandre,

    That kinda sucks that they would do that. I do remember that in the original some of the codes at the Unatco base could be found later once you got taken to the MJ12 facility so...
  11. Location of Passcodes and Passwords (Possible/Likely Spoilers)

    ***Spoiler Warning***
    I've started writing a guide for the location of all passcodes and passwords. As an OCD completionist I want to find all the codes within the game even though I end up hacking...
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