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    Sticky: Sunday night double-trouble series results (3/20)

    Had a good turn out for both events tonight. Everything went rather smoothly, with the game not doing anything quirky like it so often does. Here are the results.

    We had a couple of new...
  2. Sunday night Double-Trouble info. (3/20)

    This Sunday we will continue with the double-trouble format, which includes both a race and kamikaze series. I have been tinkering with some handicapping and we will do more of this for the upcoming...
  3. Sunday night double trouble series results. (3/13)

    Tonight we ran another back to back tournaments. First off was a wild kamikaze series, then followed by a handicap straight racing series. Each tournament consisted of the usual 10 races and a lot of...
  4. Sunday night double-trouble info. (3/13)

    I am going to continue to run back to back events every Sunday, featuring both race & kamikaze. Here is the info for each series. Be sure to read below about the racing series, which has a very...
  5. Sunday night double-trouble results. (2/6)

    We ran back to back tournaments tonight, with the first being straight-racing and the last kamikaze. here are the results.

    1. thedeadjester> 149
    2. FTR jdskater> 142
    3. SDon1969> 117...
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    Mega Tourney TONIGHT! (2/5)

    Mega Tourney TONIGHT! (2/5)
    Posted : 2005-03-05 4:26 PM
    Post #56058

    I am going to host a last minute...
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    Sunday night series info. (2/6)

    This Sunday will be straight racing. The series will consist of 3 different locations and their will be a handicap rule. Any player who wins a race will have to step out of their sports car and drive...
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    Sunday night kamikaze results. (2/27)

    We didn't fill the room at first, but after a race or two we had a full house. We had a technical issue with the game not adding scores for nearly everybody on race 5, so we had to re-run that race....
  9. Friday night kamikaze results (2/25) (spidermike)

    Spidermike was a no-show for the Friday series, so we ran it in his absence with his specified tracks and vehicles. jdskater was simply too much for us to handle as he posted an impressive 167...
  10. BML 41 to take over Thursday night hosting.

    Just wanted to note to all that BML 41 will be taking over the Thursday night Kamikaze series for me from here on out. I will continue to host the Sunday night series, which will alternate weekly...
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    Sunday Night Series info. (2/27)

    Sunday Night Series info. (2/27)
    The Sunday series will alternate between race and kamikaze. Last week we had straight-racing, so this week will be kamikaze. 10 race series, as usual, with only...
  12. Thursday night Kamikaze series results. (2/24)

    Had a good series of races tonight. Nobody dominated like last night, when jdskater ran away with the straight-race series. It was tight right down to the last race between SDON, GraySnow and MMI....
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    Sticky: This should be made sticky.

    This should be made sticky.
  14. Saw certainly was a "different" kind of movie. I...

    Saw certainly was a "different" kind of movie. I thought it was pretty good, as well.

    If enough people support the Sunday series, then I am likely going to seek a replacement to host the Thursday...
  15. Note to tournament hosts (Cyber WRAT, S DON, spidermike)

    We need to make a strong effort to keep things well organized for these tournaments. I've noticed things are starting to get a little unorganized with respect to posting tournament formats and...
  16. Thursday night Kamikaze series info. (2/24)

    This Thursday we will be doing the usual 10 race kamikaze series. This series will be limited to trucks or sports cars, which should make it interesting. Here is the run-down

    Thursday kamikaze...
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    Sunday night series results (2/20)

    This was our first attempt at a Sunday series and we had a good turn out. A lot of the usual suspects surfaced and a few tempers were lit by some hot action. TrickyMad Dog ran his truck almost as...
  18. Crash-n-Burn Sunday night tournament info.

    I will be hosting a Sunday night straight-racing tournament this Sunday (2/20)at 8PM CST. If this is something that enough people are interested in, then I can make this a regular weekly event like...
  19. Crash-n-Burn results from 2/17 tournament

    We didn't quite fill up the 16 car field, but a lot of regulars played the 10 race Kamikaze slug-fest. It was close for the top 3 positions, but winning the last 2 out of 3 races clinched it for...
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    Kamikaze 10 race series 2/17

    This Thursday will have a new twist. After each race, the winner will pick the next course and variation (normal, X1, X2). The only constant will be every other course will be reverse direction. Any...
  21. Correction on Thurdsay Night Series final standings

    Forgot to list JohnnyMac. Here is the correct standings.

    Had another good Thursday series and a lot of fun, as always. There were a few drops here and there, but it's hard getting around that with...
  22. Crash-n-Burn Kamikaze results from 2/10 (Thusday)

    Had another good Thursday series and a lot of fun, as always. There were a few drops here and there, but it's hard getting around that with this game. GraySnow Tiger made a late surge, including...
  23. Kamikaze series this Thursday, 8PM CST (2/10)

    Kamikaze series this Thursday, 8PM CST (2/10)

    10 races Kamikaze style with only muscle cars. Look for host MIX_MASTER_ICE. Stop by early, since the room will likely fill up quickly.
  24. Results from Kamikaze 10 raceTournament held 2/3/05

    All races were on X1 tracks, with every other race being reverse. SDON got out to an early lead and never looked back. FTR jdskater made a late push to make it interesting, but SDON really performed...
  25. Kamikaze 10 race tournament Feb. 3rd, 8PM CST. (Thursday)

    Just a reminder that there will be another Kamikaze 10 race series this thursday at 8PM CST. Look for host MIX_MASTER_ICE.
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