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  1. No fan of horror games, M, it's not really scary when you got a gun to blow the monsters to smithereens, and when you don't have that gun then I'm not interested because I want a gun to blow things to smithereens.
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    just played this indi horror game again from indonesia "dreadout". the new patch made things even better. its really creepy. very atmospheric. even after several playthroughs, i still get goosebumps. these ghosts are freaky.

    not many games can actually scare me or make me feel creeped out. so i like to know: which horror games made you feel scared or freaked out (a bit).

    the games that scared me:
    FEAR 1.
    this girl made me really jump up. of course knowing what will happen now makes the next playthrough not so scary but it was sure unforgettable.

    the games that are rather creepy:
    alien isolation.
    just creepy and you sure want to be far away from the alien as much as possible. and with this unpredictable AI, paranoia is there.

    like i have mentioned above, its just damn creepy.
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    we all know that joe is fully aware of this crap. im pretty sure he will mention it in his review telling how poor decision this is to leave out the pc and ps community.
    but that would be sweet if someone would do that to every developer who do such poor practice.
  4. I feel the cashality joke is something we need to rub into the TR peoples noses. Perhaps someone makes gifs or jpegs of it, then I'll put it into my eventual TR10 review...
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    well, just watched it. cashality.
    yeah, that really sums up pretty much for most AAA companies.
    but damn, looks like his version got fixed with the latest patch. mine has gotten worse. but he showed PS4 footage. was wondering why the game looks so bright. on pc it looks much darker and actually sharper.
    otherwise the game is great if it works. just hope a new patch will come soon and then things will be fine.

    just saw your comment now:
    on the steam forum people say that people who have issues, have a bad pc because they dont have any issues. but even a lot of other players who have the best pc today, have also the same issues. one guy at least does do some serious work by finding out for AMD users (like my self) to get the best performance out of it. it did help in a way but i still have moments the game keeps freezing.
  6. Yeah he covers the PC port. I heard you complaining, but I never realised it was that bad...
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    was waiting for AJs review. now i will watch it. woulndt be surprised if he talks about how poor the port is. since he said in an interview to the producer that he will play on pc and and asked how is the port. and the guy said we dont have to worry about it.
    yeah, right. so all these people who have issues with this game dont have a console build in? shame on us pc gamers.

    thanks very much. i sure do. but i knew that pic already some time ago. but its good to see it again.
  8. Angry Joe's Mortal Kombat review has a great joke that's quite appropriate to the TR situation:

    *Blows up his enemy into a cloud of money*

    'Corporate Commander wins! Cashality!'
  9. Yeah I know that video I love almost every Honest Trailer but this is one of the best indeed
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    Metal, I just found this picture you ought to love
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