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  1. A quick clarification: I am merely relaying the information here on the forums - the giveaways themselves are made by Nosgoth's twitter account. They do that fairly often, so just keep your eyes open and better luck next time!

    Thank you kindly - a most Happy New Year to you, too.
  2. Hey there. Im talking about those giveaways from you :P
    anyway I have to go now, seems like I missed all. Well bad luck for me.

    More Important, even if it is a bit too early. Happy New Year
  3. Hi there,
    Well, I am supposed to be much more active over at the Nosgoth Forum, so that's something that I will have to improve on. Have you tweeted a reminder that you are still waiting for your code? Sometimes it might take a few days before the codes are sent out.
  4. Staahp please Im wating for 26 hours for a immortal pack giveaway on twitter and now you are finally online. Sadly you are only in The News and Event Threads
    I have to go in a few minutes
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