Thread: Square Enix NA Online Store: Weather Dalays

Square Enix NA Online Store: Weather Dalays

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    Square Enix NA Online Store: Weather Dalays

    Thank you for your pre-order of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII! Shipments are on their way! Because we want to get the game into your hands as soon as possible, we’ve planned and scheduled shipments for right around the release date. The only thing we couldn’t predict was the weather. Some of our carriers have warned us that packages being delivered to Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nebraska may run into winter weather delays.

    If you have any questions about your order, please refer to the tracking number provided in your shipment confirmation email.

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    I live in Alberta, Canada. I have yet to receive my CE:Lightning Returns. Some people have already finished the game, and I haven't even unboxed it yet I don't have a tracking number in the email that I received. Is there anyway that I can give someone from Square Enix my order number and they can look it up or something?

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    I'd recommend that you contact customer support, digitalstorm360.

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    I'm in the exact same boat as dogitalstorm360 except I live in toronto canada, I placed my order dec19/13 it was shipped out feb4/14, no tracking no idea where my package is. I've already contacted square enix customer support and as per usual I'm sill waiting.

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    My copy of LRFFXIII CE. Never got to me due to 'Cannot be delivered as addressed' Asked USPS about it and they said sometimes the shipper doesn't get the APT. # right or something. Well, anyway. I had to return the game and wait for my refund to buy it again. Of course, I didn't get the full amount I paid for it back and now that it's no longer able to be pre-ordered, I'm losing out on the Cloud Strife DLC. Anyone got any ideas on how I can still get the Collector's Edition and still get the Cloud Strife DLC?

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    It's March 18. And I still haven't received my Lighting Returns Limited Collector's Edition for Xbox 360 or Lightning Returns keychain. Not even an email or any sort of communication from either Square Enix or Digital River. Last time I called Digital River at 1-866-585-3251. I was told that I should hear something in about a week. That was a few weeks ago. Still nothing. This has been the worst customer service I've ever encountered. Now I'm hearing talk of people saying that the keychain is on back order. What was the whole point of pre-ordering this and the game if they can't even ship them right. When I placed the order there was no indication of anything being on back order and it simple just said that the keychain was to be released on February 27th. I was fine with them waiting for that to release to ship the whole order. But I still haven't received any thing. When looking up my order there is just an invoice. No shipping information or anything available.