Thread: Is there anyone working at Square Enix Support Center at all?

Is there anyone working at Square Enix Support Center at all?

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    Is there anyone working at Square Enix Support Center at all?

    I doubt there is. My account been locked out over a week now due to the security token going bonkers on me. I've been trying everyday through web chat and phone support service and getting no answer what so ever from support.

    Web chat goes "We cant find an agent at this time" and gives me a link to send another E-Mail support about it.

    Oh, and the phone line. As i am typing this out i am currently "in line for next agent" and im going on 2hours and 15mins.

    This is retarded.

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    If I could spend six hours with phone handle duct-taped to my head, I'd opt for calling. Sadly, I'm in no mood to lose my hair nor suffer from neck injury from clenching the phone in between my ear and shoulder. E-mail support will get responded, eventually. Maybe after some new games come out and I no longer hold any interest in this game. Or maybe after I unexpectedly meet my demise. So, last option, chat support. One week, nada. At least 3 tries a day, nada. I'm starting to think the chat is a lie.

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    Originally Posted by lightning902
    I'm starting to think the chat is a lie.
    I am starting to think so to my friend

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    Same problem here, been waiting forever now, and no one is even saying there's something wrong with it. =| Maybe in a few weeks we'll be able to play it.

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    Well, to be honest, I do still have a few more games I bought along with FFXIV, but I decided to focus on XIV because it tickled my fancy. But spending about 6 hours every day just trying to get an agent only to be disappointed 3 times a day (and tomorrow's weekend, so again, we'll be boned), I'm really considering a charge back and buy some indie video games instead. The fact that I've spent 6 hours a day waiting for support for almost two weeks means that I actually want to play this game. Sadly, the more I wait, the less appealing the game becomes. Even my friend is slowly losing his interest because he stopped playing to wait for me, and it took me a lot of effort to get him interested in the game (he ended up ushering me to buy the game, after buying one himself out of excitement). Never withheld drugs from addicts for an extended period of time, we go through withdrawal, then we get over it.

    Your move, SE.

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    I have file a complaint with the better business bureau. Lets see if this lights a spark under there asses

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    well i was finially able to get in contact with support on the phone just a little bit ago.

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    Lucky you. as for me, I need to find a brick and a car. Nothing screams "Help!" like a drive-by brick through the front desk.

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    haha i'm at 3 hours 20 minutes right now with ho pickup on the phone, I have been re-queuing for web chat since 9am this morning its now 5:43pm.