Thread: Mystery charges to my acct from Square Enix

Mystery charges to my acct from Square Enix

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    Mystery charges to my acct from Square Enix

    There are two random charges from SE to my account for $52.35


    NO Clue what they are for. anyone have this happen??

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    Both me and a friend preorderd FFXV months ago, but never got billed or sent our digital download info. Both of us went out and bought copies from other locations (Amazon and WalMart), regisinstalledterd the game, and then over this weekend were charged by Digital River (that's who runs SE's shop, and the people who billed you) for our preorder (now two weeks late). My friend got his email with the digital download info, but I still have nothing.

    So I'm wondering if you're having a similar case?

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    I was already charged by Amazon for my pre order, AND I already purchase Crysta a couple of months ago which went through when I charged it, so there should NOT be a charge for this, Jeriah.

    Grimoire, I'm waiting on a response from SE customer Service.


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    I've been waiting for a response from SE Customer Service for over 1 wk and have sent multiple emails, tried to call every day with no luck, and even waited on live chat queue for >4 hrs, only to get a message finally that no one was available to chat.

    Is there any LEGTIMATE way to get support for a >$200 product that I purchased and would eagerly like to play?

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    Please be advised that I removed your TOU violating post, Moth_Wing. If you have a legitimate issue related to the OP's problem, try again, but in a civil manner, without the accusations and definitely without the personal attacks on our staff.

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