YEs ,yes, yes!! I would realllyy love a hd remaster of ff12, with zodiac job system! Since ffx/x-2 hd remaster sold pretty well, and they said that they could make a hd remaster of ff12 if ffx/x-2 sold well, they would think about making a hd remaster of ff12! I really love this game! It deserves an hd remaster because it has zodiac job system, which only japan got it and it, it was tha last ff to be on ps2 and it was the most wel selling game ever, u can see it on wikia. So i have no odubts they will make one. And i hope they'll remaster the soundtracks too. I really don't care if they make it to a ps3 or ps4, but i doubt they can make a ps2 game to a ps4 though... If they do it, i don't know what'll they do with it's sequel, Revenant Wings, since it was made to nintendo ds... Please Square, FF12 HD Remaster *.* anytime