SEA Website Gets Another Facelift - Part 1

Welcome to the newly minted Square Enix North America website. As you may have noticed, we’ve undergone a new facelift around here with big backend integrations with our sister site over at the Square Enix Europe office.

The most obvious changes you’ll notice will be the overall platform that the site will be hosted on. The current Square Enix Members platform, which we relaunched back in May of 2012, will now be hosted under the European Square Enix Membership platform.

Why are we doing this you ask? By joining both the Square Enix North American Members and Square Enix European Membership community portals into one centralized platform, this will allow us to better serve your needs for community news, in game integration, unified sign ups and several other key features that will continue to grow our content offerings to our community.

This will be the first of several updates coming down the pipeline so stay tuned for more updates.

Square Enix Members Team