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Thread: Game Code Registration Issues

Game Code Registration Issues

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    Update to my situation: my collection list is still missing the DS version of*Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. It was registered pre-renewal, and it does show up on other members' pages. Attempting to re-enter the code comes up invalid, as expected.

    Additionally,*Space Invaders Extreme 2*is counted but doesn't display properly in the list.

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    I'm having the same problem as Orichalcum+ and his Space Invaders game, but mine is with FFIV: The Complete Collection. On my games list it just shows up as a white rectangle with the SE logo in it.

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    Thanks Man. So this must mean i cant register for FFXIV Beta?

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    I Need to see my Promo code again or else i miss out on FFXIV PS3 BETA HELP ME LOL

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    (While it's a different topic altogether, I'm not sure how that FFXIV promotion is even going to work now. The code from XIII allowed people to choose from entering the PC or the PS3 beta, but the offer was available before the PS3 version got pushed back due to the backlash of XIV's poor reception and the development team got shuffled.

    While it would be great to hear that the codes from that old promotion (it's been two years, now?) will be honored for XIV 2.0, I'm personally not holding my breath.)

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    Im also having the same problem with my FF Crystal Chrhonicles Echoes of Time game can someone please help !?!?!?

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    Unfortunately I don't have any information your question at the moment Orichalcum+. The FINAL FANTASY XIV team hasn't revealed their application system for the upcoming beta periods just yet.

    In regards to the thread title issue, we've recently made a lot of adjustments to the system that should hopefully allow your games and points to display accurately. Keep in mind, some game pages aren't fully populated but they should still list in your registered games list if you registered them--just not be similarly viewed as the other games are.

    If you're still running into issues, please reply back to this thread with the specific games you're missing, or message me directly.

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    The different versions showing up is an issue we're working out for game page displays so that'll take a little time. But if you registered one version, you should be registered for that version. If you registered multiple versions, you should have multiple versions registered. Speaking specifically to that, we will readdress this thread when the game page display issue is resolved and confirm with users that their 'registered games' are displaying properly in regards to titles with multiple platforms.

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    So for me I am missing Dissedia 2 and another game.

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    Still missing: FINAL FANTASY IV The Complete Collection.

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    I also have the same problem with FFXIII-2. The number on the bottom right is 91102. I just recently bought a new copy at EB Games.

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    Registering Game Titles (Square Enix Rewards)

    Anyone having issues registering titles for points?* Mine says "Invalid Code", yet I know I've typed it correctly.* Also, has there been any talk about the new reward for 2011 - 2012 year?* The deadline was March 31st, and it's almost July, and I havn't heard a thing yet.


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    My Deus Ex code doesn't work either.* It's a brand new copy and it said it was an invalid code right away.

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    We've arranged a flow to correct any issues you might be running into. Please contact Customer Service about your issue and they will help us resolve it.

    You can check the FAQ here:

    Or you can simply contact Support:

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    Hey Jabeo, I've messaged you on your issue.

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    I just ordered Chrono Trigger DS off of the SE site new when that sale was going on. I received the game, shrink-wrapped and all in the mail today. It contained the game case, game card, manual, and health and safety precautions booklet. There was no registration card in it! Since I ordered it new off of SE's site, I'm quite baffled as to how this happened. I would definitely appreciate it if I was credited points for this purchase, and if the game was added to my on-site library. If needed, I can post a copy of the order or shipping confirmation emails.

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    I'm fairly certain CTDS was released before SE started including registration cards/codes for games, so even one you ordered today would not have it in it.

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    Chrono Trigger DS was released on 25th November 2008, and the SEM registration system started with Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (released 17th March 2009).

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    So game copies that were created yesterday of games released before March of 09 won't have the cards in them? That's a load of BS on their end, thanks for the info though

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    Originally Posted by Basho

    So game copies that were released before March of 09 won't have the cards in them? That's a load of BS on their end, thanks for the info though

    Well the program didn't exist at that time. It seems reasonable that they wouldn't include registration cards for new game purchases of titles published prior to Square Enix Members even having their rewards program. It wasn't until recently that they stopped selling PSX games through their Digital River storefront; it'd be whack to see them include membership pins inside FFVIII.



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    Glad to see incorrect box issue has been noted* this month I registered FF XIII-2 PS3 and xbox 360 box art came up instead

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    Can't register my game ????

    any help and or info

    I know I typed it in correctly

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    Make sure any zero's* you have typed* are changed* to* Alphabet O** Zero is never used in registration codes.

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    It won't allow you to enter your code if you used it previously on a different account so it wont accept it if you have already used the code before.

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    It would also be unfair to everyone else who bought the games prior to now if the ones purchased now had the codes while all the ones that were released earlier didn't because then the people who bought the games when they first came out would essentially have to go and re-buy the games to get the codes.

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