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Threads of Fate

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    Threads of Fate

    It's Thread of Fate 2.
    Square E left the story off at the absolute most perfect slot of a sequal.
    But here we are, eons later and there is still no ToF2.

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    Discussions about [Threads of Fate] belong in the [Other Game Series] forum.

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    Threads of Fate

    Threads of Fate, known as Dewprism (???????, Dy?purizumu) in Japan, is a single-player role-playing game for the PlayStation, developed and published by Square Co. The game tells the story of two characters, Rue and Mint, and their crossing of paths due to their desire for a mystical object known only as the Relic. The setting is the quiet fishing village of Carona.

    I finished the game today and I LOOOOVED it! Rue is my favorite character even though he's really hard to control. Mel and Mint are so cute! I want to live Mel's Atelier ('cuz it's all warm and fuzzy ^^) ~ && I really want Square Enix to work on some kind of slice-of-life epilogue OVA that takes place after the events of the game.

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    I love the game too. I actually found about Threads of Fate a few months ago while exploring the PS1 Classics section of Playstation Network. So I bought it as soon as I could, and I totally loved it, it has pretty awesome music tracks (I ended up getting the Threads of Fate Music Selection promotional album just because it has my favorite song of the game). Rue became my favorite character, I enjoyed his story the most. Mint was so funny, with all her world domination idea.
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    it is really an exciting game. The music also sounds great.

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